What Is Swift Dev Journal?

Swift Dev Journal is a collection of articles for iOS and Mac developers who use Swift. Some of the topics I want to cover in this journal include the following:

  • The Swift language
  • iOS development
  • Mac development
  • Apple technologies
  • Developer tools, such as Xcode
  • Business

A more accurate name for the journal would be Apple Dev Journal, but I don’t want to deal with Apple’s lawyers for having the name Apple so I’m going with Swift Dev Journal.

About the Author

I’m Mark Szymczyk, the author and editor of Swift Dev Journal. I’m an author, iOS developer, and Mac developer. In addition to the books on this site, I wrote the books Xcode Tools Sensei and Mac Game Programming. I also have developed the following apps:

  • Phel, a Mac and app for publishing help books for Mac apps
  • Bartleby, a Mac and iOS app for publishing EPUB books
  • AM Pages, a Mac and iOS app for writing morning pages
  • LetterMiner, a Mac and iOS word game