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Struggling to Develop Your Apps?

“I’ve completed Swift for Beginners courses on at least four different sites, and if I build one more My First App I may cry.”

You want to develop iOS apps. You went through an online course (Hacking with Swift, the Stanford CS193P course, Angela Yu’s Udemy course, Code with Chris) or bought a book to learn iOS development. You went through the whole course and created all the projects.

At this point you felt confident and wanted to make your first app on your own. Then you started to run into problems.

  • You couldn’t decide on a project.
  • If you picked a project, you didn’t know where to start.
  • You didn’t know what Apple frameworks you needed to learn to develop your app.
  • The project didn’t build, and all Xcode gave you was a vague, indecipherable error message.
  • The app crashed and you couldn’t figure out why.
  • The app didn’t work the way you thought it would.

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