Do You Want to Make iOS Apps but Don’t Know How to Program?

You have a great idea for an iOS app or game. But there’s one problem. You don’t know how to program.

You see other people ask where to start to learn iOS programming and get told to read Apple’s 2,000 page book on the Swift language. But you don’t want to read a huge, boring book before you can start making apps and games. Isn’t there a book that covers enough of the Swift language to let you start making apps and games?

Learn Swift by Making Games

Learn Swift by Making Games is a book that teaches Swift by making games. Learning by making games is a more enjoyable way to learn than reading hundreds of pages of text with simple, toy examples. Over the course of the book, you’ll learn the parts of Swift you need to know to make your own apps and games.

I Want to Learn Swift by Making Games

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