Showing a SwiftUI sheet from a Mac Menu

Most articles on showing sheets in SwiftUI apps show an example of a button with a .sheet modifier that shows the sheet. But if you try to apply the example to a menu in a Mac app,

The sheet does not appear when you choose the menu item. How do you show the sheet when someone chooses the menu item?

  • Add a focused value for showing the sheet.
  • Set the focused scene value in your main view.
  • Add the menu item to show the sheet.
  • Add the menu item to the app’s menu bar.

Read the Accessing the Document in a SwiftUI Menu article to learn more about focused values and working with SwiftUI menus.

Add a Focused Value

Add a focused value that your app uses to control whether or not to show the sheet. In this article I’m going to use the example of a menu item that previews some content in a sheet.

Set the Focused Scene Value

After creating the focused value to show the sheet, you must make that value a focused scene value to show the sheet from a menu. Start by adding a property to the main SwiftUI view.

The next step is to add a .focusedSceneValue modifier to the view. The first argument is the name of the variable you created for the focused value. The second argument is a binding using the property you created in the view.

Apple added the .focusedSceneValue modifier in macOS 12.

Add the Menu Item

Menus in SwiftUI apps are SwiftUI views. To show a sheet from the menu, start by creating a property with the @FocusedValue property wrapper that contains the focused value to show the sheet.

Create a button for the menu item. The action for the button is to set the focused value’s wrapped value. The focused value for showing a sheet is a Boolean value so you give it the value of true, which shows the sheet when someone chooses the menu item.

Add the Menu to the App

After creating the menu you must add it to your app’s menu bar. Add a .commands modifier to the app’s window group or document group to add the menu to the menu bar.


Thanks to Jason Armstrong for his answer to the following Stack Overflow question:

Calling a sheet from a menu item