Swift Dev Journal’s Guide to Version Control

Version Control Book Cover

If you are an iOS or Mac developer who wants to learn version control but thinks it’s too complicated, this book is for you. In this book you will learn how to perform the most common version control tasks without entering one Terminal command. Some of the topics you will learn include the following:

  • What version control is and why you should use it

  • Placing Xcode projects under version control

  • Putting Xcode projects on GitHub

  • Ignoring certain files in your projects

  • Committing changes

  • Discarding changes

  • Going back to an earlier version of your project

  • Working with branches

  • Pushing changes to GitHub

  • Pulling changes other people make from GitHub

When you finish the book, you will know the basics and develop your app more confidently with the safety net that version control provides.

Where’s the Sample?

The book’s price is pay what you want so you can read the whole book for free instead of just a sample. Go to the book’s page on the store and enter 0 as the amount you want to pay to check out the book. If you decide you want to pay for it, go back and enter the amount you want to pay.