Scene Editor Development: Intro

As a fun side project, I’m starting to develop a SpriteKit scene editor for iPad and Mac using SwiftUI. I decided to write about the development of this project.

This post is the first in a series of posts. Future posts will be more technical than this one.

Why Make a SpriteKit Scene Editor?

Doesn’t Xcode include a SpriteKit scene editor? Yes it does.

So why make a SpriteKit scene editor?

The Swift Playgrounds app lets people make SpriteKit games on an iPad. Use a SwiftUI sprite view to display a SpriteKit scene, and you can make a 2D game on an iPad.

Swift Playgrounds does not include a scene editor so you must build your scenes in code if you have only an iPad. By making a scene editor people on an iPad can create scenes for a game visually.

What Will I Write About?

Most of the time I’ll be writing about a problem I faced and how I solved it. I think that will interest the most people, solving problems in SwiftUI apps.

Where Can I Download the Editor?

The editor currently isn’t available to download because it’s not usable. Right now I’m in a prototyping stage to see what I can do with SwiftUI. I would also like to find a good name for the editor before I release an early version.

When I have the editor ready for others to use, I’ll make it available to download.

Keep in mind that progress may be slow at times. This is a side project that does things that not many SwiftUI apps do. Doing unusual things makes finding solutions to problems more difficult because people haven’t written articles or asked questions about them.

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